Verb Faire Printable Worksheet

Verb Faire Worksheet
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The French verb "faire" is very common. It is an irregular verb. The meaning of the word translates as "to do" or "to make." Since the verb is irregular, memorization and practice using the correct form of the word is essential to speaking, reading, or writing.

Using the Verb Faire

Once you've studied the rules below, click the image to download a printable worksheet that you can use to test your skills.

Present Tense

When using the verb fair in the present tense, it is conjugated as follows:

  • je fais
  • tu fais
  • il fait
  • nous faisons
  • vous faites
  • ils font


Using faire in the imperfect is used to describe the past tense as an ongoing state or implies incomplete or repetitive action. Many French expressions use this form of faire. When using faire in imperfect, conjugate it as follows:

  • je faisais
  • tu faisais
  • ils faisait
  • nous fasions
  • vous faisiez
  • ils faisaient

Future Tense

You may also need to use faire to refer to things you will do or may have to do. Conjugate faire in the future tense as follows:

  • je ferai
  • tu feras
  • il fera
  • nous ferons
  • vous ferez
  • ils feront

Checking Your Work

Once you've completed the worksheet, click on the answer key to check your work and see how well you've done.

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Verb Faire Printable Worksheet