Romantic Places in France

Romantic Places in France

France is known as one of the most romantic places in the world. There are numerous romantic places in France for lovers to gaze into one another's eyes. It is no wonder with gorgeous beaches like this where lovers can walk hand in hand along the Mediterranean Sea.


Les châteaux in France are a favorite destination of honeymooners all over the world. Whether you are touring one of France's famous castles or staying in one, the magic of it all is sure to ignite a little passion.

Ile de Saint-Louis

Aside from being home to arguably the most famous cathedral in France, if not in all of Europe, Île Saint-Louis is the quintessential quaint French neighborhood. Its quaint stores and cobblestoned streets attract lovebirds for frequent afternoon strolls.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg

Le Jardin du Luxembourg is a great place for couples to sit and chat. Aside from it being simply beautiful, it offers benches through the gardens for couples to sit together, nuzzle, kiss or talk.

Paris from on top of Notre Dame

Little is more romantic than looking out over the city of Paris from atop Notre Dame. Few places offer such a panoramic and breathtaking view of the city of romance.

Seine River

Why does the Seine river bring out the romantic in all of us? Perhaps it's because it's a famous location for many romantic scenes from movies. Regardless, taking a walk along the Seine tops the list of romantic places in France.

Parisian Sidewalk Cafe

While a sidewalk cafe may not seem that romantic, the truth is that sidewalk cafes in Paris host all sorts of couples. On any given day, you will see lovers gazing longingly in each other's eyes on the sidewalks of Paris.

From Atop the Eiffel Tower

Looking for a great spot to declare your undying love? Why not at the Jules Verne--a reastaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Can you think of a more romantic place to see Paris and flirt with your beloved?

Wine Tasting in France

If you're looking for the perfect romantic date, why not go on a wine tasting tour? The Route du Vin is not only world famous, but sipping on wine all day is sure to lower those date jitters.

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Romantic Places in France