French Countryside

Route du Vin, Alsace

The Alsace region of the French countryside is known for making white wine. This picturesque view of the route de vin is a wine taster's paradise.

Fort La Latte, Bretagne

Rocky coasts line Bretagne. Fort la Latte, pictured here, has been featured in numerous movies and videos.

A waterfall in the Cévennes

The Cévennes are a mountain range in the South Central part of France.

Le château Joux, Doubs

Le château Joux, in Doubs France has seen a fair amount of history in its day. It has served as a castle, fort, and even a prison.

Eus, Pyrénées-Orientales

Eus is a midieval village nestled in the Pyrénées mountains.

Les Gorges du Tarn

Les Gorges du Tarns is a naturalist's paradise. With miles of terrain to explore and breathtaking views, it makes this trip to the French countryside one of the most popular to take.

Les Bulles in Grenoble

Les "bulles" as they are called in French, are egg shaped cars that carry you up the mountain to see the Bastille. Tourists flock to this picturesque destination every year.

Queyras in the French Alps

Queyras is one of the most pristine destinations on your tour through the French countryside. Nestled in the French Alps, hikers, skiiers and winter sport lovers come here every year.

Mont Ste Michele, Normandy

One cannot skip Mont Ste Michele, if you're taking a tour through France. It was once a monestary, then a prison, and finally at the insistence of influential people like Victor Hugo, it became a National Historic Treasure.

Salers in Cantal, Auvergne

Salers is a French commune located in Auvergne. Although there is much to see and say about Salers, it is chiefly known for its prominent role in France's food culture. Saler's cattle are known to be the best and of course, Saler's cheese are among the finest.

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French Countryside