French Food Vocabulary

Camambert, Brie and Munster

Cheese is a major staple in the French food scene. In fact, it frequently gets its own course. One might go to la fromagerie (cheese shop) to buy a variety of les fromages (different cheeses.)

Les legumes

Haricots verts is a local favorite as green beans are a standard item of produce. Many times green beans will be served as a side dish along with a main course. Salad is a separate course unto itself in a true French dinner.

Les Pommes

Apples or pommes are used in a well known liquer called "Calvados." Calvados is produced in Basse-Normandy. Apples are also used to make beverages such as le cidre (cider) and jus de pomme.

Le Lait

Les produits laitiers (dairy products) such as le lait (milk), le beurre (butter), and le yaourt (yogurt), au super marché (at the supermarket). Don't be surprised to see a lot more powdered milk in France, or anywhere else in Europe though.

Le pain et Le choux

Le choux or sweet pastry is the basic bread that is used to make what Americans commonly refer to as puff pastry. À la boulangerie, artisan breads as well as baguettes are made daily and it is not unusual for people to buy le pain (bread) on a daily basis fresh from the bakery.

Le poulet

Coq au vin is a classic French chicken dish consisting of le poulet (or chicken) in le vin rouge (red wine). It's traditionally served with les carottes (carrots).

Le poisson

Le poisson (fish) makes a popular dish particularly in the South of France where the country borders on the Mediterranean sea.

La Salade

Most French dinners would come with a course of la salade (salad). A typical French salad would contain lettuce, des tomates (tomatoes), oignons (onions), and maybe concombres. Of course, you can't forget the French dressing!

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French Food Vocabulary