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Finding the right romantic French words to describe your feelings for that someone special is not difficult when you think about the romantic places and activities you enjoy together. By translating those words into French, you can add a bit more amour – love - to your relationship. To tell someone you love them, the simple French phrase je t’aime is always perfect, in any language.


Sending des fleurs – flowers – to that someone special is always a romantic gesture. A rose by any other name would be as sweet, and indeed, the French word for rose is the same as it is in English – rose.

Sweet Treats

Romance is sweet and will be sweeter still if you give your loved one des bonbons – candy. For an even more traditional treat, try rich, decadent chocolat – chocolate.

Happy Hugs

To embrasser – hug – the person you love is a sweet, romantic gesture of affection. From a soft, loving hug to a quick squeeze, this romantic gesture will be understood with or without words.


A quiet, romantic walk is perfect during the coucher du soleil – the sunset. Gentle light and a peaceful setting such as la plage – the beach – create tender moments that any couple can share.


Veux-tu m’epouser? When asked on bended knee, the question 'will you marry me?' is always understood, and un diamant – a diamond – is a romantic symbol of les fiançailles – the engagement.

Romantic Kiss

Couples often share un baiser – a kiss – to celebrate their romance. Whether it is a quick peck on the cheek, a passionate full kiss, or a gentle kiss on the forehead, a kiss is the pinnacle of romance.

The Wedding

La mariée – the bride – always looks radiant at les noces – the wedding. A couple that can share romance even beyond their wedding date will have a loving and happy marriage – le mariage.


It can be difficult to keep romance alive as a relationship ages, but couples who share romantic French words can be happy pour toujours – for always.

A Gift

A gift – un cadeau – is a thoughtful and romantic gesture, particularly if it is given for no reason at all. For more sweetness, address the tag to ma chérie or mon chéri – my sweetheart.


Complimenting someone is always a sweet and romantic thing to say, and the French language has several words to use: belle is beautiful, jolie is pretty, and mignonne is cute.


Young couples are sweet and romantic to one another, and the terms ma chérie and mon chéri both mean sweetheart and are pronounced the same.


Jewelry – des bijoux – is a luxurious, romantic gift. Pearls are popular, as are des diamants – diamonds.


The sweet scent of le parfum – perfume – can be enticing and romantic. Choose a light scent for a flirty evening, or a deeper, more luxurious scent for the ultimate romance.


Champagne is a French word that is identical in English, but if you prefer wine, use vin rouge – red wine – or vin blanc – white wine.


With the proper romantic gestures and the right romantic French words, you will be able to say oui to l’amour.

Now, try out your romantic French vocabulary at some of the most romantic places in France!

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