Popular French Word Unscrambler Programs

Computer programs can help unscramble French words.

A French word unscrambler is useful when confronted with jumble puzzles. Jumble puzzles mix up the letters in a word. A fun way to challenge your French language skills is to use French puzzles such as crossword puzzles or jumble puzzles. Many teachers assign worksheets and puzzles to students, either as classroom work or as homework, in order to help them improve their French vocabulary and spelling.

Computer Program Unscramblers

The two most popular downloadable French word unscramblers are:

  • iGirder offers a computer program that you can download to unscramble French words. You'll need Microsoft Word. Once you download the descrambler tool, open Microsoft Word and change the language settings to "French". This tells the program that you want to unscramble French words. You will also need to turn off the English-language dictionary in word. Instructions to complete these two tasks may be found on the download page for iGirder. The program works by running the scrambled word through an algorithm that creates lists of potential words using the first letter combinations. It takes a few minutes to work, and provides several alternatives if applicable.
  • DZ Words is a game similar to Scrabble that can also help you scramble and unscramble French words. It costs $30, but may be worth it if you like playing games to practice French.

How to Unscramble Words on Your Own

If you're not at a computer, you've got several options to unscramble French words on your own. Here are a few hints to help you unscramble French words:

  • Take a look at the scrambled letters and the puzzle. If the word jumble or scramble is part of a French worksheet, is there a theme? For example, some worksheets will have a title that gives you a hint of the theme. Common themes for French students include sports, communications, food, homes, travel and similar themes. If there's a theme, note it on your paper to help you focus.
  • Next, look at the scramble and see if any letter combinations jump out at you. There are many common letter combinations in French as well as English. Some common French combinations are oi, ai, and endings such as on, le, and se. See if any words now leap out that fit the scramble.
  • Take a look at the consonants. Make a list on the side of your paper of the consonants. Can any of these be the start of a word incorporating the rest of the letters? Try a few combinations.

Some people find word scrambles more difficult than others. Using a computer program or these tips, hopefully you'll be on your way to solving your French word scramble quickly and easily. Bon chance!

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Popular French Word Unscrambler Programs