French Spring Words

Le printemps

In French, le printemps is the word to describe the beautiful season of spring. Flowers blooming, warm weather after a season of winter - le printemps is a great time of renaissance. (Another French word meaning "rebirth".)

Les fleurs

One of the first signs of spring of course is les fleurs (flowers). You also start to see les abeilles (bees) who are busy collecting pollen to make more le miel (honey).

April Showers

In English, it is said that "April showers bring May flowers." While there is not exactly an equivalent expression in French, one might say, En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil; en mai, fais ce qu'il te plaît.


Of course in Spring, you can always spy the occasional arc-en-ciel after a good thunderstorm.

Les bébés animaux

Spring brings a new birth of not only flowers and other things that lie dormant during the winter but also a whole slew of cute and cuddly baby animals:

un chaton a kitten
un poussin a baby chick
un agneau a lamb
une canette a duckling

Les papillons

Un papillon (buttefly) rests on a flower. You might also see une chenille (a caterpillar), coming from his cacoon.

Les oiseaux

One of the first signs of spring is the sound of les oiseaux (birds) singing their chansons (songs) outside after the winter migration.

Les pissenlits

Of course it wouldn't be spring without les pissenlits (dandelions). Looking for more visual vocabulary? Make sure you check out:

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French Spring Words