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Bordeaux is famous for its wine.

If you're looking to learn French by immersion, you need to look into the award winning French language classes in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is not only a fascinating location with a rich history, but the French Language School in Bordeaux is renowned among teachers of foreign language as the place to go hone and perfect your French skills. It currently holds the Quality Award for French as a Foreign Language, which is awarded by the Department of Higher Education in France. In essence, it means that you as the student will get a top notch experience!

What You Need to Know About French Language Classes in Bordeaux

There are all sorts of classes you can take in Bordeaux ranging from group courses focused on a specific theme to courses for French teachers as well as a gap year course.

Courses That Are Offered

There are a variety of courses offered at the BLS.

Basic French

Want to learn French quickly but have very limited knowledge? You can take your basic French class that will approach teaching the language similarly to how it's taught in the United States with one key exception: when you leave class, you'll still be hearing French!

French Courses for Specified Professions

Perhaps you're a doctor traveling to French speaking Africa, or maybe you will have to do some business in France in a few months. Regardless of your reason for needing to have a basic command of French, chances are good that the Bordeaux language school has something to meet your needs. They offer courses for the following:

  • Business French
  • Legal French
  • Medical French
  • Diplomatic French
  • "Wine" French (i.e. discussing the wine business in French)
  • Higher Education French (for non Francophone students taking university classes in France)

In addition they also offer a company internship program and a gap year program for students who have finished high school. French teachers can enjoy their training program and there are even packages for seniors and groups. (Students must be at least 16 years old to participate.)

When You're Not In Class

One of the things that makes studying French in France so exciting is the opportunities that exist outside of class to experience the culture in Bordeaux. You will be guaranteed to learn as much outside of class as you will inside!

What Not to Miss While in Bordeaux

There are always seasonal cultural activities and a wise student would make sure to take advantage of them. You can see what's going on at the BLS website. In addition, there are a few other key spots that a wise student wouldn't dare miss:

  • Take a tour of Bordeaux's 18th and 19th century architectural gems and historical monuments.
  • A wine tour of Bordeaux and a trip to Saint Emilion--with wine tasting!
  • Make sure to visit Bordeaux's modern art museum the "CAPC."
  • Visit Archachon Basin and Dune of Pyla--the highest sand dune in Europe.
  • The Aquitaine Museum
  • Take some cooking lessons.


Students at BLS have a variety of options for accommodations to suit a variety of needs. For short term stays, students can stay with a host family. This can be the ideal situation for a student who really desires to immerse themselves in the French culture. However, if you are planning on taking a longer course, it is highly recommended that you stay in one of the school's furnished apartments. This type of arrangement allows you to be fully immersed in the culture and also be independent, exploring the town individually.

If neither of these options seem to suit you, you may also check out one of the school's preferred hotel providers, many of which will offer discounts to students at the BLS.

For More Information

If you'd like more information on taking French Language Courses in Bordeaux, contact the school directly.

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French Language Courses Bordeaux