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If you're looking to study French by immersion, you may want to look into the French language classes in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is not only a fascinating location with a rich history, but offers a variety of schools with French language courses.

France Langue Bordeaux

At the France Langue Bordeaux, you can complete weekly and long-term courses along with private lessons combined with courses. These full immersion courses cover general and professional French phrases which include technical aspects of the language, culture and sports. The weekly course and long-term course range from 20 to 30 lessons while the private courses include 20 lessons and 6 to 10 private lessons. The school can also assist you with living arrangements. Students can choose from host families, apart'hotels and other residences. Costs range from $211 to $2,862.

Highlights and Reviews

In addition to having more than 40 years of experience, the school has 80 permanent teachers and trains more than 8,000 students yearly. Many people commend the location for its rich history and ample opportunities outside the classroom along with the highly trained teachers. Additionally, the quality of the courses get some high marks. However, some students felt the facilities, technology available, and social activities that are offered through the school could be improved.

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux

Newdeal Institute of French

The Newdeal Institute offers short- and long-term courses, lasting from one day to several months, in French language and culture. In addition to role-playing, workshops and simulations, you can choose to tailor your program to cover the areas that meet your personal needs or cause you specific difficulties. You can also prep for a French university or DELF/DALF exams, which are diploma programs that prove French competency. The courses range from $176 to $5,077, depending on if you take a full program or single course.


Many were exceptionally pleased with the course material and competency of the teachers. They also praised the welcoming environment. However, it was noted in reviews that the transfer of teachers made learning more difficult in long-term courses. For example, in a 5-week program, a student had up to five different teachers, and adapting to a new teacher and learning style made it more challenging to learn the material.

ComEnFrance - School of French at Bordeaux

Whether you know a little French or not a word, ComEnFrance has your back. You can complete weekly intensive courses that cover phonetics and dialogue or get a full immersion experience in French customs. Additionally, you can complete individual courses at the school and even through Skype. The school also offers packages where you can stay with a host family. Programs cost from $188 to $1,763.

Pros and Cons

In addition to being ranked 16th among Classes and Workshops on Trip Advisor, the school is noted for its location and learning experience. The teachers were also commended for being professional. There were also several social activities, in the classroom and in the city, that were designed by the teacher that students enjoyed. The host families offered opportunities for conversational learning as well. However, the school facilities were lacking in some areas, like whiteboards within the rooms. Some also thought the workshops were a bit cramped, making it hard to get individual attention.

Alliance French Bordeaux Aquitaine

In addition to intensive and extensive courses in French, the Alliance French Bordeaux Aquitaine offers short workshops in spoken, written and phonetics for French. The teaching staff are endorsed, qualified teachers that offer individualized support. In addition to up-to-date technology, the school provides immersion activities and digital independent learning for about $21 for individual seminars and $56 and up for classes. Additionally, full courses that take months can cost up to $1,692.

What Students Say

Looking at the reviews on Facebook and Google for this school, many students were happy with the overall learning experience, including the facilities, teachers and learning material. Reviewers had high regard for the knowledge of the teachers and their teaching techniques along with the course loads stating the learning was fun and expansive. However, it was noted that interaction between registration and office staff was difficult due to language barriers.

Bordeaux International School

Founded in 1987, Bordeaux International School (BIS) offers over 25 years of teaching experience for foreign language students in high school. Their French program is a specialized learning program for overseas students. This is a two-year program that offers a complete immersion within the culture and language for students between 14 and 18 years old. They also offer DELF preparation as well. The cost of the program is about $17,000 a year for fees.


The school offers a comprehensive program and opportunities for students to immerse themselves in family living and culture. They have the opportunity to live with a host family for the two-year program and experience Bordeaux. Reviewers noted their ability to test out of French after the program. However, some students did not feel their academic needs for language learning were met through the school.

Le Franc Parler

Offering small classes taught by an expert teacher, Pascale Genet-Martorello, Le Franc Parler features intensive structured courses at all levels in written and spoken French. When the school states the classes are small, they mean it. There are only 2-6 students per class, meaning lots of individualized attention. The cost of a course ranges from $79 to $1,200.

Student Remarks

There was praise for the atmosphere of the school and the small, intimate class sizes. Additionally, the excursions outside of the classroom to cafes and other local areas were very valuable for learning. While the small class sizes are optimal for individual learning, it can make group activities a bit more difficult.

Finding Classes in Bordeaux

If you are looking for French courses in Bordeaux, you won't be disappointed. There are all sorts of classes you can take, ranging from group courses focused on a specific theme to courses for French teachers, as well as a gap year course and long-term immersion programs. Find the right school for you and start learning everything from basic French phrases to the French traditions.

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French Language Schools in Bordeaux