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It has often been said that French girls have that certain je ne sais quoi that speaks to a confident elegance that is neither boastful or overbearing but sharply present nonetheless. French girls are seen as the epitome of confidence, style and sophistication. What is it about girls in France that they seem to exude these qualities so naturally?

Fact vs Fiction

Of course, not every girl in France exudes the quiet confidence and class that the rest of the world associates with French women. Just like not every New Yorker is always in a hurry and not every girl in LA is seeking to be an actress, the idea of the typical French girl is a cultural nuance. With that said, if you observe the girls in France, you may likely pick up on some typical characteristics that just might translate into that certain "je ne sais quoi" that the rest of the world's female population is just dying to copy from French women.

What Typically Defines a French Girl

It is hard to pinpoint one thing as quintessentially French. However, there are many things that people see and point out as being truly French. There is little doubt though that whatever exactly defines the quintessential French girl, it truly translates to confidence and sophistication in a way that has come to define women of an entire culture.

Style and Fashion

Paris is certainly an epicenter for the world's most fashionable designers. After all, almost every major fashion house in the world has headquarters in Paris. On top of that, Parisian girls in particular seem to always be dressed very well compared to their American counterparts. While an American woman wouldn't think twice about heading to the grocery store in sweat pants, a hoodie and sneakers, that simply is not the case in France. Most French women would not consider stepping out of the house in sneakers simply because they were comfortable. It is true that you would never --or very rarely-- catch a French woman in the supermarket with sweats-especially in Paris.

French Women and Being Thin

It's a common misconception that all French women are thin. Any sweeping generalization is obviously false, but France's obesity problem is substantially less catastrophic than America's. In the United States, 64.1% of women are considered obese compared to a paltry 15% of women in France. When you look at the figures comparatively, it's easy to see why the stereotype of the thin French woman exists.With that said, many have considered the lifestyle of the French in general as a significant help in keeping obesity at bay. The French tend to feature a lot of seasonal produce in their foods and especially in Paris, walking is a consistent mode of transportation. Portion sizes, even in restaurants, are typically smaller than they are in the United States.

Casual Nudity and the French Girl

It is true that in general, the French are much more comfortable with the naked human form than the general American population. However, this is not restricted to French women. In general, nudity is looked on as something that is natural, and the human body is often admired for its aesthetic qualities. While the perception may be that the French woman is comfortable in her body, the truth is that Europeans in general are more comfortable with the naked form when compared to the United States.

Je ne sais quoi

So what can be said about French girls? Just as it would be false to stereotype American women, one blanket statement cannot be true for all French women. However, if you observe French culture carefully, you may come to pick up on some of that quiet confidence that French women are known for.

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French Girls