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While tourism websites may have you believe that a vast majority of French beach women are topless, this is certainly not the case. Namely, women visiting French beaches are outfitted in much the same way that they are on the streets of French cities: coordinated and polished. Some women do, indeed, choose to go topless; however, this is a minority of beachgoers at most beaches.

Nude French Beaches

Generally speaking, nude beaches are the places where women can, and do, go topless. While the French are not as rigorous about nudity as North Americans are, it is also not the case that nudity is in all contexts and all timeframes acceptable. If you are expecting nude French beach women, be sure to look up nude beaches specifically; you will not find many at the average French beach.

Most French beaches are covered with vacationing families. Paris is really quiet in the month of August because most workers have the entire month off to go on vacation. While some travel around Europe, many simply travel to the coast of France. Families and friends spend extensive time at the beach; and many women on the beach are dressed much like beachgoers in any other European country.

French Beach Women and Fashionable Swimwear

While it is the case that most women on French beaches are fully clad, they may look very different from beachgoers in North America. Beach clothing on the west coast of the Atlantic tends to be sporty and colors do not necessarily match. On French beaches, expect coordinated outfits.

Swimsuits of older women tend to be design swimsuits. While younger French women, and children, may choose sports swimsuits, such as Speedo, older women tend to go for a more elaborate suit. Expect a lot of black and/or white; likewise, expect classic details, such as V-necks, and wraparound top illusions.

The coordination of French beach women goes beyond choosing a nice suit and a pair of sandals that match it. Coverups, in the form of shorts or skirts, as well as a pretty top, are often chosen in the same style and colors as the suit itself. Lastly, no trip to the beach is fully coordinated without a large hat to help protect one's skin. Beachgoers in France come armed with high-SPF lotion, not to mention hats and sun parasols.

French Beach Activities

French women, alongside men and children, have lots of fun at the beach. While some beachgoers pack picnic lunches, many other groups depend on the European format of going to the beach: spending the day playing on the beach, but walk to a restaurant or cafe situated on the beach for lunch. While not all beaches offer this amenity, many do. If you are visiting a French beach, remember that in order to go to one of these restaurants, you should have appropriate clothing. Even if the beach is accepted as being nude or topless, a restaurant located near the beach will not ascribe to the same philosophy.

At the beach itself, French families and groups behave in much the same way as beachgoers around the world. Swimming, flying kites, building sandcastles, and walking in the surf are all popular activities. Of course, people also sunbathe on French beaches. One thing that people do not do is gawk at topless beachgoers (or take pictures), so try to blend in if you visit a beach where people are acting a bit differently than they might in North America.

Beautiful French Beaches

The reason why so many people spend their holidays right in France is because there are so many beautiful beaches where vacationing is a real treat. Whether you choose the sun-drenched beaches of the Mediterranean, or the colder waters of the Atlantic, France's beaches are breathtaking in beauty. In addition, they offer cool relief from the stifling heat that reigns in France in the summertime. For an inspiring preview of French beaches, this slideshow of French beach pictures should whet your appetite!

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French Beach Women