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Using Eiffel Tower clipart can evoke immediate identification with both France as a whole, and Paris. For French teachers and several other professionals, Parisian images can enhance instruction and brighten up reports and presentations. For travelers, clipart can add a special touch to a photo album or scrapbook.

Finding Clipart

You may be able to find an image of the Eiffel Tower, a French hat, or a baguette with a glass of wine in standard clipart collections that are delivered as part of some word processing software. In addition, purchasing specialized collections of clipart to augment the free collection delivered with software often provides several additional French-themed images, such as the Eiffel Tower. It is often the case that purchased clipart is more refined in its look than the free collection.

Another common route to finding French images, such as Eiffel Tower clipart, is to use resources available on the Internet. However, be exceedingly careful when finding and using photographs and other types of images you find online. While it is easy to right-click on images and download them, in the vast majority of cases, doing just that is an infringement of copyright. In order to stay within legal boundaries, first check out the free or affordable sources listed below. Whichever source you choose, be sure to read that company's terms of use so that you don't inadvertently violate them.

Download Free Eiffel Tower Clipart

The clip art images available here are free to use. Simply save the image(s) of your choice to your computer and use them as you please for any non-commercial purposes.

Windows users: Right click on an image and save to your hard drive.
Mac users: Control + click on an image and save to your hard drive.

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Eiffel Tower Clipart Sources

Clipart ETC is provided by the Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse and features several different views, and file sizes, of Eiffel Tower clipart. While the clipart can be used for free in educational settings (see license information on the website for details concerning how many images from this database can be used at once), using these free images for commercial purposes or to create obscene art is strictly prohibited.

Coolclips has a considerable collection of whimsical Eiffel Tower images. While these images are strictly for personal use, they are a great option for anyone whose usage pattern fits their licensing agreement.

Fotosearch, while not free, offers a wide range of prices on their images. Ranging from $15 to more than $100, this collection of Eiffel Tower images is very impressive, and may be worth checking out if you have even a small budget for your project requiring Paris photos. Images on this website are provided by various companies, meaning you have to check the license agreement for each company you purchase an image from.

iClipart is a subscription service that can be very affordable if you need a lot of images at once because the subscriptions are based upon the time period for which you have access to download from the site, and not on the number of images you download during that time period. Subscriptions start just over $10 for a week of access, but are greatly discounted for longer periods of subscriptions (the one-year subscription is only $50). Check the terms of use to make sure your intended usage fits the bill.

French and Parisian Clipart

You may want to also use some of the following French images in addition to the Eiffel Tower. Common images that are associated with the French, France, and Paris are:

  • Baguettes, croissants and other pastries
  • French hats
  • Fancy clothing
  • French flag
  • Map of France or Paris
  • Mont St. Michel
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Bridges along the Seine

These French clipart images are easily recognizable as meaning to specifically refer to France.

Using Images

Whether you are a French teacher looking to decorate a classroom or other materials, or a traveler who would like to make a scrapbook of a trip to France, clipart images can really enhance the look of your project(s). The resources mentioned above are all good sources for Paris and the Eiffel Tower; in addition, all of the websites listed above offer additional French-themed images for all of your creative projects.

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