Easy French Song to Learn for Preschool Graduation

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Teachers looking for an easy French song to learn for preschool graduation should look to the classic French songs often put on compilations of children's music. Songs like Frère Jacques and Alouette are always a good bet…and there are several other songs that are just as fun and easy, but not as well known.

Singing Songs

Teaching French through songs is a great way to get kids to use the language. While older students need to learn more vocabulary in a way so as to remember the translations of the words, younger children don't necessarily need to remember the French-English translations…it's using the language that is most important.

Singing songs is a good way to get kids to remember a series of words because the melody and rhythm allows them to remember much more than they would remember if confronted with a list of vocabulary words to memorize. On the occasion of a preschool graduation, some of the songs that you have been learning throughout the year in order to get the kids to really use the French language can lead into a new and easy French song to learn for preschool graduation ceremonies.

Preschool Favorites

The following songs can be used for a preschool graduation, or simply learned throughout the year in the classroom. Click on these links to find the complete lyrics to the following songs:

New Easy French Song to Learn for Preschool Graduation

It could be the case that your students have already learned and sung many of the above French songs and that you want to challenge them with a new song to learn for the graduation ceremony. While any of the songs above would be appropriate for the occasion (and can be dressed up with visual aids-especially in the song for the colors), the next two options are not often used, but are audience favorites due to their catchy rhythm.

Bateau, ciseau

"Bateau, ciseau, la rivière, la rivière,
Bateau, ciseau, la rivière au bord de l'eau.
La rivière a débordé
Dans le jardin de monsieur le curé."

This chorus is followed by another verse before closing with a repetition of the chorus. It's a catchy song whose lyrics are a bit on the silly side; however, kids and the whole audience will have fun with this one.

Si tu aimes le soleil

"If you're happy and you know it" is the English version of this song, but everyone will recognize the fun tune as soon as the children start singing it. The first verse asks everyone to clap their hands; the first verse (below) can be followed by two more verses asking everyone to "crie 'hourra!'" (shout 'hurrah') and then to "tape des pieds" (stomp your feet). Fun is sure to be had by all!"Si tu aimes le soleil
Frappe des mains (clap! clap!)"

"Si tu aimes le soleil,
le printemps qui se réveille,
Si tu aimes le soleil,
Frappe des mains (clap! clap!)"

Teaching your students one of these new songs for the occasion of preschool graduation will take some time, but as long as you rehearse often enough in preparation for the day of the special event, they'll be fully self-sufficient with the song by the time their families have come to see them graduate.

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Easy French Song to Learn for Preschool Graduation