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Article Highlight: Reasons Why You Should Learn to Speak French

French is a fun, easy to learn romance language that is used all over the globe. With more than 100 million speakers worldwide, learning French as a second language can not only bridge travel opportunities but… Keep reading »

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What is the best way to learn French? Regardless of why you want to learn French, LoveToKnow French can help you every step of the way. By starting with the basics and working your way to more advanced concepts you'll be holding conversations in French in no time!

Master the Language


If you're a student studying French, you'll eventually need to know far more than the basics. You'll need to master vocabulary, and understand grammatical structure in order to be able to speak French (or at least pass the test!). We have the resources you need to help you translate, learn and memorize the ins and outs of the French language.


Don't get grammar? No problem! At LoveToKnow French we know all about grammar and have articles presenting concepts in a clear and easy to understand format. Let our expertise demystify those tricky grammar concepts and help you master fluency.

Helpful Resources

If you're needing to study or brush up on some French for a business trip or short vacation, LoveToKnow French has resources to help you learn French that will be useful for your trip. Whether you're wanting to learn French for free, or find a good program to help you take your knowledge of French a little further, you'll find it here.

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