French Vocabulary and Translations

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The pronunciation of French numbers is very straightforward. French numbers build on each in almost the same way that they do in English. Therefore, once you get to twenty, it's pretty smooth sailing. Keep reading »

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Learn French and colored pencils

When learning a new language, it's common to start with learning the new grammar rules. Likewise, pairing this with learning "groups" of vocabulary can get you speaking French right away.

Learning With French Vocabulary and Translations

Learning a language can seem daunting, but if you break it down into small steps, it won't seem so hard, especially with a minimum about of daily practice. Choose to focus on one aspect of the language and practice until you feel comfortable moving on to the next item on your list.

Common French Vocabulary and Phrases

Learning how to say common vocabulary and phrases will help you speak French confidently! It gives you a chance to practice every day terms and phrases which eventually can lead to more complex ones. Grouping learning of terms by subject can also help with memorization. Some frequently used terms that you should learn at first include:

Typical phrases you'll need in regular conversation include:

Common French Adjectives

Learning French adjectives can help add more depth to your conversations with others. Some helpful adjectives to focus on in the beginning relate to conversations you'll likely have with other people. You want to be able to talk about yourself in French as well as describe others around you. It's also helpful to be able to tell others how you are feeling in basic French terms.

French Grammar Help

One of the difficulties for people first learning French from English is to grasp the use of genders with nouns. Learning to pronounce cognates can also be tricky for English speakers as you'll need to remember to pronounce an "English" word differently. Another common difficulty to tackle is irregular French verbs, which will require memorization and practice and a knowledge of when to use them.

Translation Guides to Keep Handy

In the beginning it is also useful to have resources for translating French to English and vice versa. The more you learn the more you'll come into contact with new words and phrases you'll want to learn the meaning and usage of as you speak. There are excellent online translation dictionaries for French and English to have bookmarked on your computer and smartphone. Some of these online tools are good for single word translations while others can actually translate phrases and full sentences or paragraphs of French.

Using Vocabulary and Phrase Guides to Learn French

The best way to learn a language like French is to work with vocabulary. Pick a group of words or phrases and take time each day to memorize them with flashcards and use them in context both in written and verbal format and practice again and again. If you are diligent about practicing just a bit every day, you will find yourself being able to speak French with ease in no time!

French Vocabulary and Translations