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Paris at Night

At LoveToKnow French, French slideshows offer a great way to become familiar with all things French through pictures. Slideshows can show everything from culture to French vocabulary, not to mention providing a preview of France itself if you have never been to the country.

France in Images

If you would like to see some of the most famous French monuments, or get an idea of what the French countryside is like, pictures can sometimes do the job much better than a long description. The Eiffel Tower is recognized around the world, not for the type of steel it's made from, but from the characteristic shape of the tower. After seeing a single picture of it, one can never forget the image. French slideshows extend this experience far beyond the Eiffel Tower itself; France is a beautiful country from Paris to Picardie to the Poitou-Charentes region.

Learning with French Slideshows

French slideshows are also a great tool for all learners of French. Whether you are trying to learn the language yourself at home and are looking for tools to help you do so, or you are French teacher looking for some material for your students, French vocabulary slideshows, for example slideshows of clothing vocabulary or of weather vocabulary can help students learn vocabulary in an effortless manner. Instead of learning translations for French vocabulary, students can see the item in the picture, and learn the French word that corresponds to the item. Research has shown that this is not only an effective way to learn vocabulary, but students also enjoy learning this way.

French Culture

Culture can also be illustrated through images. For example, when is it appropriate to shake someone's hand and when is it appropriate to greet someone with a kiss on the cheek? These questions have different answers depending on the culture of the region where one happens to be. Many wonder about American and French cultural differences, which can be a source of confusion for those unaware of the differences.

France is a beautiful country and French is a beautiful language. French slideshows enable everyone to discover it here, in pictures.

French Slideshows