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Article Highlight: How Do You Say "Beautiful" in French

Whether you find a person or a landscape pretty, the French language has many ways to describe it. Start out with the direct translation: belle and move on to additional phrases that can express breathtaking… Keep reading »

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Learning French Phrases and Sayings

To truly be fluent in French, you have to master not only the basic vocabulary but also the colloquialisms of French phrases and sayings. The French language is extremely rich with aestheticism with a history in letters and language that's protected by L'Académie Française. The French take their language very seriously.

The use of French phrases, idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms, when appropriate, lets those with whom you are talking know that you are a serious student of French who has gone well beyond mastering the basics. However, learning phrases and sayings in French has another benefit: it will improve your understanding of what you read in French as well!

Culture and French Phrases

You will find that in Francophone countries, daily culture and literature are intertwined. Many phrases, and expressions that you will learn are directly related to literature. Understanding one will help you understand the other. Also, French writers pride themselves on bringing beauty to their works not only with the message but with the actual lyrical style and phrasing of the language. Thus, understanding French phrases will greatly increase your reading comprehension!

Express Yourself in French!

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