Body Parts in French

Body Parts in French

Basic French vocabulary includes learning about body parts in French. The trickiest part of learning this though is learning the correct gender of each body part. To help with this, make sure you memorize the body part with its definite article le or la.

La tête

le visage-face
la tête - head
les yeux- eyes
un oreille - ear
le nez - nose
les cheveux - hair

La bouche

la bouche - mouth
les dents - teeth
la lèvre - lips
la langue - tongue

Le corps

le corps - body
le cou - neck
la poitrine - chest
l'estomac - stomach
le dos - the back

Les bras

le bras - arm
l'épaule - shoulder
le coude - elbow

Les mains

la main - hand
le poignet - wrist
le doigt - finger
le pouce - thumb
l'ongle - fingernail

La jambe

la jambe - leg
le pied - foot
le genou - knee
le cheville - ankle

Learning the body parts in French is not difficult at all! Looking for more vocabulary? Make sure to check out French Clothing Vocabulary and learn how to describe what you put on your body!

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Body Parts in French