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Article Highlight: How to Say, "You're Welcome" in French

After learning some of the useful ways to say 'thank you' in French, you'll need to know some of the different ways to say 'you're welcome' in French. These are undoubtedly two of the most important French phrases… Keep reading »

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Learning with French Vocabulary and Translations

No doubt about it, part of learning French, is studying French vocabulary and translations. You cannot master the language without hammering out the basics and not-so-basics of vocabulary. While you won't translate things word for word, learning how to say common phrases will help you speak French confidently!

The best way to learn vocabulary is to memorize it. Picture it, use it in context, and practice it again. When you're trying to master a new set of words, make flash cards, and when possible--use pictures. Write sentences that use the word in context. The more mnemonic devices you can use to aid you in memorizing French vocabulary and translations, the more you will be able to speak with fluency. If you practice a little bit every day, you will find yourself being able to speak French with ease in no time!

At LoveToKnow French, you can find charts for basic vocabulary like colors and numbers. You can also get clear, easy to follow pronunciation guides for all that new vocabulary that you're acquiring. We also help you navigate through saying goodbye, greeting people in various situations and other social situations.

While we can't help you sound just like a native Francophone, if you diligently study the vocabulary charts and translation guides that LoveToKnow offers, you'll be well on your way to not only getting by with French but actually holding conversations! Whatever you want to know how to say in French, we at LoveToKnow can help you learn how to say it!

French Vocabulary and Translations